If here

If here Important how it perceives your child.

If the outside world beats on the child, thin walls of a cocoon become stronger, gradually turning into an armor.

The armor rescues soul of the child from pain, but interferes with its growth and in general any contacts with the outside world.

If here the analogy to the world of insects is pertinent, it is possible to tell that the child zakuklivatsya.

Long months, sometimes years, can live insects in a stage of deep rest, or a diapauza.

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You can conduct

You can conduct According to your desire, it is possible to prepare for occupation the picture a landscape on which the trees which are reflected in water are represented.

You can conduct this lesson on a nature bosom: on the bank of the lake or a pond.

Lesson course Begin a lesson with the story how pleasantly happens to sit on the bank of a silent pond and to consider reflection of trees in water.

But when waters of a pond are restless, reflection disappears.

Ask children to remember it throughout all lesson.

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In the theory

In the theory This program is aimed at education of children in the field of drugs; of pupils of elementary schools in the United States take this course of literacy.

The program is created to inform children on drugs and not to allow their use among children.

In the theory it everything is healthy, but in practice efficiency of these programs is extremely limited.

Researches show that statistically there are no big distinctions in number of children addicts among those who completed a course and who did not pass it.

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Here it also

Here it also And Alla sat on the sicklist with the diagnosis threat of an abortion which will bring any gentle soul to a nervous breakdown, and at it was about about many time to wind itself.

Here it also wound!

Suddenly began to seem to it that Pasha with whom before they lived in perfect harmony, grew cold to it and seeks entertainments elsewhere.

Once he was late and to come home after usual, the rich imagination right there drew to Alla Pashin pictures of changes.

Naturally, it could not keep emotions in herself and right there poured out on the husband the suspicions.

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Its strength

Its strength Most likely, Alya will find out that all love her.

But hurts it right now.

And the wound of soul can change the direction of its development, generating an inferiority complex and serious obstacles on its further course of life.

Its strength reason.

Means if there is a way to break through in its inner world, this way lies through reason.

It is necessary to help it to distract from a reflection and to concentrate on attempt of achievement of success.

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